Historic centre of Albenga, Ligurian medieval town

The old medieval walls still enclose the old town of Albenga, where you can see important artistic monuments.

Walking along the streets in the centre you can notice the old Romanesque plan: two main streets from which a net of other small paths branches off. Not far from here you can visit the Baptistery, one of the oldest church in Liguria (5th century), the Town Hall (14th century), a wonderful architectural masterpiece with a double arcade loggia and the Council Tower (one of the 18 towers which are left as in the past), the Cathedral of S. Michele (11th century).
Palazzo Oddo

- ROMAN NAVAL MUSEUM – Palazzo Peloso Cepolla, P.zza San Michele, n. 12 - 17031 Albenga - Tel. +39 0182 51215
The museum keeps wine amphoras, tools of the 1st century b.C., which come from a Roman wreck, discovering near the coast of Albenga.
CIVIC MUSEUM - Palazzo Vecchio del Comune, Via Nino Lambogli, 1 - 17031 Albenga – Tel. + 39 0182 51215
The halls show old objects from the roman and medieval period, which were discovered during the archeological excavation by Albenga and the surroundings.

Distance: 10km

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